With your support we raised $9,111 in support of UNICEF's work in Haiti.

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Hurricane Matthew — the most brutal Caribbean storm in a decade — devastated Haiti. And, when disaster strikes, children are the most vulnerable.In fact, nearly 900,000 children are menaced by this catastrophe and its dangerous aftermath. Eighty percent of homes in the most affected region have been damaged or destroyed. Nearly 176,000 people are living in shelters. Hundreds of schools are out of commission. Cholera cases are growing daily, making safe, clean water a top priority. But UNICEF can meet children's needs on many fronts — quickly, effectively and efficiently.

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King Solomon Hicks

He is the real deal…the next best thing out of New York City. Solomon has been in the biz since age 13 as the lead guitarist and performer at the Cotton Club, with a 13-piece band. He recorded his first CD, Embryonic, at age 14 with the Cotton Club All-Star Band.


the hipstones

Brooklyn based band The Hipstones have fronted various seven to nine piece lineups. Mark and Anthea currently take to the stage as a "soul duo". The duo’s beloved harmonies, soulful roots, and sophisticatedly accessible songcraft are now enriched by electronic textures, deconstructed and futuristic hip-hop beats, and captivating but challenging modern jazz compositional flourishes.

King's Men

The Columbia University Kingsmen were founded in 1948 by request of Dwight Eisenhower, then University President, for that year's Homecoming ceremony. Three years later, at a football game in 1951, Eisenhower told the group, "If you men can get 2,000 others singing with that spirit, I’ll personally pin a medal on each one of you."  Since then, the Kingsmen have taken that same spirit to the national stage to become one of the most famous a cappella groups in the United States.



YeraSon is a New York based Cuban Charanga Orchestra that was founded in 2001. YeraSon electrifies old-school Cuban Music with a distinctly modern New York twist. YeraSon interprets authentic Son, Mambo, Cha Cha Cha, Boleros, Guajiras, and Merengue with inimitable drive and swing. The group's unique sound is at once elegant and energetic with a contagious rhythm that attracts dancing and listening crowds alike.

Isabella España

Born and raised in New York City, Ana Isabella España, age 10, has been playing violin since she was a wee little gal.  Isabella attends the Special Music School at the Kaufman Music Center (P.S. 859), a groundbreaking public school for musically gifted children offering musical training and intensive instrumental study with a rigorous academic program and also studies at Opus 118/Harlem School of Music, all under the careful guidance of violin virtuoso Lynelle Smith.   Isabella will be making her Carnegie Hall debut with the Inter-School Orchestra in December of 2016.

will stratton

An American guitarist, songwriter, and composer living in Beacon, NewYork.  Will has released five albums since 2007, and his sixth, Rosewood Almanac, will be released in mid-2017. His music is notable for his finger style guitar playing and his lyrics, which range from the romantic to the apocalyptic.

glenn seven allen

Tenor Glenn Seven Allen is garnering critical acclaim on opera and concert stages throughout the United States as a consummate singing actor, lauded for his dynamic interpretations of operatic heroes from Roméo to Rodolfo.